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Hey There Gals and Guys!    I’m Missy, the founder and creator of So Good At Life, the online magazine for real life!  It is my hope that my passions and projects might inspire you to create your own… all the while enabling you to truly feel So Good At Life!

In the modern world of Pinterest successes and fails; To Do lists that are longer than our 24 hour days;  knowledge overload;  and our own wavering and sometimes noble though unrealistic expectations of ourselves, I have found that the one thing I am happiest to bring to bed at night is the feeling that I have at least tried my very best to be so good at life– whatever that may mean!

My version of what that actually means will vary from yours, and it should.  I believe that while our life is our own very personal journey, everything we touch along they way will help to shape that journey for us.   I’m also a believer that life is just better when we support and encourage each other rather than judging or comparing.

Everything you will see here is Real. Life. Stuff.  With the exception of the Fitness Stuff that will be written by my friends, the rest of the site is my own real “stuff.” So Good At Life is not meant to be a place of invention but rather inspiration.   While I will not for a minute profess that I created many of the ideas, I can assure you that they all have my own authentic spin and I am hoping perhaps you will be motivated to make the recipe or project your own as well!  Follow my recipe to a tee or simply use it as a guide to whip up something different tonight!  I can promise you that my posts will not contain stock photos (aside from my affiliate partners*), a generic unknown third party article,  or a recipe and photo for a princess cake that was undoubtedly made by the fairy godmother herself.

My friends(whom I will introduce to you individually) are also real gals– magnificent ones at that!  I have asked them to contribute because as much as I try, realistically, valuable fitness insight is just not in my wheelhouse.  I have looked to these ladies for inspiration and guidance over the years and I think you will find that you can as well.

I was once told that you are an expert in something after you have read three books on the subject.  I think perhaps that person might have been an expert BS artist.   I can tell you I do not consider myself to be an expert at anything, but rather a work in progress who loves to create and thirsts to constantly learn.  I am therefore not an expert in any of the things I will share with you here at So Good At Life, I am however wildly passionate about all of them;  I am passionate about Real. Life. Stuff. and I think you might be too.

So come along for the ride as I share the successes, the failures, and a lot of in between. It might not always be pretty,  it will definitely get messy but it will always genuine…. and maybe, just maybe, you’ll find that little sprinkle of inspiration you were looking for to feel So Good At Life!


* Please note that the photos used  in the product advertisements are not my own.  However, each product has been hand picked by me because of my own experience with it/personal use or because I myself have selected to gift it to those I love and care about. * The photos in the advertisements of my affiliate partners are not my own.